aquatherm push-fit fitting: fast and durable connections __

aquatherm push-fit fitting: fast and durable connections
25. October 2022 3 min.

There are many options for connecting piping systems and push-fit solutions are becoming more and more popular with installers. We at aquatherm have recognised this trend and developed suitable products.

The aquatherm push-fit fitting represents a simple and fast, yet safe connection type for aquatherm blue piping systems in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and plant technology.

In the following article we will introduce you to our push-fit fitting in detail, highlight the advantages of the product and provide information on installation methods.

Overview: What is behind the aquatherm push-fit fitting?

Made of the high-quality and robust material fusiolen® PP-RCT, the push-fit fitting from aquatherm is designed for an increased temperature load. This is confirmed by the IMA Dresden testing institute.

The institute has tested the aquatherm push-fit fitting in conjunction with the aquatherm polypropylene pipes for temperature changes. IMA Dresden carried out the tests at 0°C / 20°C and 20°C / 95°C in accordance with the DIN EN 15874 standard. The result of the testing institute: All push-fit fittings have passed successfully.

Our push-fit fittings are made of solid plastic and contain no metallic components. This applies to all piping systems and fittings (including push-fit), from aquatherm and, thanks to the material polypropylene, they are 100% corrosion-resistant.

The product portfolio ranges from single sockets and double sockets to moulded and connecting parts in dimensions between 90 mm and 450 mm. These products are immediately available. You can combine the push-fit fitting with aquatherm blue in SDR 11 and SDR 17.6, except for aquatherm blue OT.

The push-fit fittings are used in refrigeration systems, plant construction or process cooling.


aquatherm push-fit fittings: What advantages do you benefit from?

Those who use the push-fit fitting from aquatherm benefit from many advantages.

General benefits:
  • The material fusiolen® PP-RCT allows an increased pressure and temperature load.
  • The push-fit fitting creates a secure connection between the pipes.
  • The profile sealing ring protects the mechanics of the push-fit fitting from dirt.
  • The push-fit fitting is corrosion-free.
  • The aquatherm push-fit fitting has a long service life.
  • The push-fit fitting allows a full flow with no cross-sectional constrictions.
  • The push-fit fitting can be combined with aquatherm blue in SDR 11 and SDR 17.6 – except for aquatherm blue OT.

Advantages of installation:
  • Thanks to the push-fit fitting, you benefit from shorter installation times.
  • Installation is possible in any weather and at temperatures below 0 °C.
  • When free-laying, the handling of the push-fit fitting is very simple.
  • Processing in confined spaces is also possible.
  • The use of expensive and heavy tools is not necessary.
  • Even with subsequent installation, trailing media in the pipes is no problem.
  • The connection between the push-fit fitting and the pipe is immediate and creates a permanent seal.


Quick start guide: This is how the installation of the aquatherm push-fit fitting works.

Quick installation is the biggest advantage of aquatherm push-fit fittings. Due to the simple push-fit method, aquatherm blue systems can be connected up to 40% faster than the electro fusion sockets.


The installation of the push-fit fitting takes place over the following ten steps:

  1. The pipe ends are cut square.
  2. The outside of the pipe is chamfered with the aquatherm plastic chamfering device.
  3. The insertion depth is read from the push-fit fitting.
  4. The insertion depth is then marked on the pipe.
  5. A lubricant is applied evenly to the end of the pipe.
  6. The lubricant is applied to the rubber seal of the push-fit fitting.
  7. The aquatherm push-fit fitting is placed on the end of the pipe and pushed over the first seal onto the pipe.
  8. To assist with pushing the fitting onto the pipe, a pulling device can be used.
  9. For this purpose, the pulling device must be securely attached to the pipe and to the push-fit fitting.
  10. The push-fit fitting is pulled evenly to the marked insertion depth on the end of the pipe.

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aquatherm push-fit fittings in practice:
System in use at VARTA AG

VARTA AG is known in Germany as a traditional battery company. With around 4000 employees and representatives in over 75 countries, it is also one of the largest battery manufacturers worldwide.

For the expansion of its production facilities in Ellwangen and Nördlingen, the company was looking for a piping system that could be used for refrigeration as well as for compressed air and vacuum lines. Installation had to be safe and fast.

VARTA AG opted for aquatherm GmbH: Around 10,000 meters of the fiber-reinforced piping system aquatherm blue in dimensions from 32 mm to 450 mmm were laid in various building complexes.

VARTA AG also relies on aquatherm piping systems for current construction projects. In Nördlingen, the latest generation of lithium-ion cells will be manufactured with highly automated production lines on a production area of more than 15,000 square meters. Around 5,000 meters of aquatherm blue in dimensions between 125 mm and 450 mm were installed for the refrigeration and compressed air line.

The aquatherm push-fit fittings were also installed within another construction project. Thanks to the simple push-fit system, installation within the ceiling and in large dimensions was achieved – VARTA installed push-fit fittings of up to 355 mm which allowed the piping system to be put into operation immediately without waiting time at full pressure.


Use aquatherm push-fit fittings and benefit from many advantages

By using our push-fit fittings, you benefit from many advantages. Our broad product portfolio leaves nothing to be desired.

Further details about our new push-fit fitting can be found on our product overview page.

Push-fit-fittings: additional information

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