Cool head for AI: aquatherm pipes __

Cool head for AI: aquatherm pipes
17. June 2024 4 min.

Highly efficient and sustainable cooling solutions for Data Centres

The dynamic developments in artificial intelligence and cloud computing present data centres with the challenge of providing a high-performance infrastructure. Cooling plays a decisive role in energy efficiency and operational reliability. The aquatherm blue plastic pipe system not only effectively covers cooling requirements, but also reduces energy costs and increases sustainability. Learn more about next-generation cooling technology in this blog to future-proof your Data Centre.

What to do in the face of exorbitant AI growth and rising energy costs?

Meeting the current challenges and developments in the data centre market requires a comprehensive strategy that takes into account both rising energy costs and the innovative use of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). The global energy crisis and the resulting price increases for data centre capacities require a rethink towards more efficient and sustainable solutions. At the same time, the exponential increase in the use of large language models is driving the demand for more powerful data centres.

For example, services like ChatGPT that use LLMs increased by 1,310% between the end of November 2022 and May 2023.

To succeed in this dynamic environment, data centre operators must not only secure and optimise their energy supply, but also align their systems with rapidly advancing technological developments.

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How does cooling technology affect energy efficiency and costs?

Cooling technology is a game-changer for data centres. This is because cooling ensures energy efficiency and longevity of the infrastructure with high power density and it can significantly reduce costs. The benchmark for energy efficiency in data centres is Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), which is the ratio of total energy consumption to energy consumption directly used for IT operations. The aquatherm blue piping system  offers a huge opportunity to improve the PUE value through more efficient cooling and heating systems, especially in environments with 50 kW racks.

Energy savings on 50 kW racks over $5 million

  • For example, a data centre with a cooling load of 1 MW using aquatherm piping systems can save up to 5,491 MWh of energy over a 10-year period if the racks are optimised for 50 kW.
  • This equates to an estimated cost saving of $5,613,210.47 over 10 years, assuming a 2.5% annual cost increase for one MWh.

The right piping system can therefore lead to significant energy savings. The advancement of AI technologies will go to racks with even higher energy density. For example, companies like CyrusOne are planning 300-kilowatt racks. Efficient cooling systems are therefore becoming increasingly important in order to cope with the growing power densities and optimise the PUE value.

Why is AQUATHERM BLUE the ideal choice for direct chip cooling?

aquatherm blue is a pipe system made of PP-RCT . It differs from conventional materials due to its innovative multi-layer fibreglass composite technology. The aquatherm blue plastic pipes minimise linear thermal expansion and offer a leak-free connection through hot melting. Its wide range of positive features, make it the ideal choice for direct chip cooling.

The advantages of PP-RCT over steel and copper pipes:

  • Material advantages of PP-RCT over steel and copper: PP-RCT offers a reduced CO2 footprint, increased corrosion resistance and excellent thermal efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Ensures long-lasting performance without increased maintenance.
  • Interior Surface Quality: Minimises limescale, supports uninterrupted fluid flow and efficient cooling performance.
  • Heat Transfer: Provides optimal operating conditions through fast and effective heat dissipation.
  • Assembly and commissioning times: Simplified installation due to lower weight and prefabrication speed up project completion.
  • Maintenance efficiency: No corrosion inhibitors required, simplifies maintenance processes.
  • Flexibility: Allows for tailor-made adaptation to specific project requirements.
  • Sustainability: Supports environmental goals through recyclability and energy efficiency.
  • Cost-effectiveness: aquatherm blue impresses with significant cost advantages in the overall view.
  • Certifications: Meets or exceeds performance and safety requirements according to international standards.

What does the combination of experience and know-how bring to your project?

The selection of a partner for cooling technologies is essentially based on proven experience and technical expertise. aquatherm has the specialists for data centres and offers added value in planning, design and, for example, highly efficient prefabrication, which significantly shortens project time and commissioning. Here are some references.

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Data centre
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Data centre



NOVVA Hyperscale Data Centre

The NOVVA Hyperscale Data Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah, has 1.5 million square feet of space and relies on a waterless cooling system to avoid the huge water consumption of traditional systems. The decision in favour of the aquatherm blue plastic pipe system is based on the negative experiences of Vice President Steven Boyce, who is confronted with considerable corrosion problems with steel pipes at other locations. In contrast, he is highly satisfied with aquatherm because the system works smoothly and leads to efficient and sustainable cooling. Thanks to BIM technology, the installation of the approximately 1,350 metres of aquatherm blue in the underfloor construction has been optimised. Read more.

TierPoint Data Centre

Modern data centres, such as TierPoint in Jacksonville, FL, require reliable cooling systems that work around the clock. Since 2014, TierPoint has been using aquatherm PP pipes, which are characterised by a virtually leak-free and corrosion-resistant connection. Thanks to the quick and easy installation and excellent performance, TierPoint once again opted for aquatherm for a recent expansion. The pipes provide long-lasting, energy-efficient cooling and require less insulation 
than steel. TierPoint plans to continue using aquatherm in future projects to ensure the safety and efficiency of their data centres.

LLNL Data Centre

Since 2012, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has been using aquatherm PP-R tubing to cool its supercomputers. aquatherm blue also impresses here with numerous advantages such as easy installation, 
lightness and chemical purity, without the risk of corrosion or scaling. aquatherm‘s fusion technology ensures a long-lasting, leakfree connection. aquatherm pipes meet stringent water quality requirements to support reliable cooling in critical applications, making them the preferred choice for the most advanced supercomputing projects.



To be able to make new data centres sustainable and efficient or to modernise existing data centres, PP-RCT pipe systems such as aquatherm blue are essential for the future. The pipe system not only offers an answer to rising energy costs and climate change, but also impresses with its efficiency and durability. The easy integration into existing infrastructures, the corrosion resistance without inhibitors and the reduction of operating costs underlines the value of aquatherm blue. Investments in this technology are therefore choices for sustainability, low maintenance and future-proof data centres. aquatherm is part of the solution and contributes to the environmentally friendly operation of state-of-the-art digital infrastructures with innovative pipe system solutions as well as efficient support services such as planning or prefabrication.

Gain even more valuable insights for your data centre cooling. The free article sheds light on various aspects and shows how you can achieve cost efficiency, energy saving, sustainability and futureproofing. Download now without obligation.

Cooling solutions for AI

Gain even more valuable insights for your data centre cooling. The free article sheds light on various aspects and shows how you can achieve cost efficiency, energy saving, sustainability and futureproofing. Download now without obligation.