How to become faster and more efficient with prefabrication __

How to become faster and more efficient with prefabrication
30. June 2022 3 min.

In addition to digitisation, the topic of modular construction is being considered more and more in the construction industry.

However, the construction industry lags behind the new technological developments in many areas. Frequent changes to planned installations are not uncommon and lead to delays with the building contractors.

Another hurdle is the coordination of the different trades. With a large number of trades, this can be confusingand logistical problems can arise when materials and tools have to be found. Often, deadlines are missed.

There is a need for change in the construction industry

In recent years, methods and processes in construction have hardly changed - even though technological advancements exist. Compared to other manufacturing industries, productivity in the construction industry is stagnating.

This does not have to remain the case. Numerous pilot projects have already shown that the automation of manufacturing processes and the integration of suppliers into these processes trigger a significant increase in productivity. What‘s missing is the courage to implement and realise these possibilities in practice on a daily basis.

Learn how you can become faster and more efficient with prefabrication.

New challenges and opportunities for the construction industry

Why will it become increasingly important for you to rely on the previously mentioned advances in the future? The political, social, and climatic developments of recent years, as well as drastic changes triggered by the pandemic, have led to a shortage of raw materials.

As a result, the prices of raw materials have risen considerably. The construction industry in particular cannot afford to waste resources. Instead, they must be used as sparingly as possible and material with potential for reuse must be recycled. This approach is in the interest of many countries because it is not only Europe that has set itself the goal of climate neutrality.

Those who can turn these challenges into opportunities create considerable advantages for themselves over the competition. Prefabrication is one of the new methods and techniques that the construction industry can rely on.


How does prefabrication work at aquatherm?

Only a few steps are required for the production of a component within the aquatherm prefabrication process:

  1. You send us your request. The aquatherm planning team checks the project data and information submitted by you: Are they plausible and are they complete?
  2. After the check, the planning team forwards the data to the design department. They create a detailed CAD drawing and you’ll receive the drawing for production approval.
  3. The components are manufactured: Here, the 20-member prefabrication team of aquatherm manufactures pipe systems, manifolds, and special components on a production area of approx. 1600 sqm. 
  4. The components are delivered directly to your construction.

You want to experience aquatherm prefabrication in action? Then take a look at our article "Prefabrication on the construction site saves time and money". Here we present two projects in which our prefabrication played an important role.


What benefits can you as a planner or fabricator derive from prefabrication?

If you embrace the aforementioned changes and use modern methods and technologies such as prefabrication, you and your company can benefit from many advantages:

  • Due to the prefabricated and ready-to-install components, you shorten your assembly times.
  • Thanks to prefabrication, you can react more quickly to sudden delays in the construction process.
  • This flexibility offers subsequent trades more planning security.
  • Prefabrication enables the development of customised solutions. The production of sophisticated manifolds and components for unusual projects becomes possible.
  • Thanks to processes such as aquatherm prefabrication, products are made to measure with high precision. This means that the tested quality standard always remains at the same high level.
  • The prefabricated components require significantly less tooling during assembly on the construction site.
  • The prefabricated manifolds shift the complexity and effort from the construction site to the manufacturer allowing skilled workers time to take on other tasks.

These aspects ensure you can save a lot of money on the entire construction project.


Conclusion: Industrial prefabrication is worthwhile for planners and fabricators

The construction industry must no longer lag behind the latest developments. New methods and technologies can help companies from the sector to become better in the most diverse areas of their business.

Those who choose prefabrication can benefit from many advantages in the long term: A significant increase in efficiency on the construction site and better profitability are just two of them.

Are you interested in more information about prefabrication? You can find more details about our prefabrication process on our overview page and in our guidebook "aquatherm prefabrication: Your support in the production of piping systems, special components, and manifolds":

Download: Guidebook prefabrication incl. checklist

You still have questions about aquatherm prefabrication? Just contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.