Euro 2024: Keep the game flowing __

EM 2024: Erfahrt, warum Kunststoffrohre im Stadion die Matchwinner sind
21. May 2024 3 min.

In football, they say the game should flow. Ensuring that it does on the pitch requires a high-performance and sustainable water supply infrastructure for water supply. With aquatherm’s plastic pipes, stadium operators, clubs, and spectators are well-equipped to maintain the momentum.

Half-time rush: Keeping 60,000 moving

During major events like the European Football Championships, stadiums become bustling hubs with more people gathered than in some cities. The demands on flow rates, design, and functionality of piping systems are consequently immense.

From providing water supply for entire sanitary areas to constructing heating and refrigeration systems for catering areas and team rooms, or installing turf heating systems, aquatherm’s piping systems guarantee seamless, safe, and sustainable operations in stadiums.


Intelligent tactics and top performances

aquatherm has a great deal of experience in equipping sports stadiums. Our plastic piping systems are used in famous sports venues around the world. Wherever we compete in a project, we usually leave the pitch as winners. Why? Because aquatherm piping systems are comparable to top teams: they remain in top shape even after intense tournament matches and are immune to rust. Unlike metal piping systems, they resist corrosion.

Moreover, preparation is key to success. For us, this entails tactical prefabrication. A meticulously coordinated team prepares the piping systems for on-site installation, ensuring time and cost efficiency with minimal effort.


aquatherm: Pioneering the game

In Germany, energy-efficient turf heating systems made of aquatherm plastic pipes ensure that the pitches can be played optimally in almost any weather. These cutting-edge heaters are utilised in European Championship venues such as Gelsenkirchen and Leipzig.

Rasenheizung Leipzig

Turf heating in Leipzig

In the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen, the turf, complete with turf heating, is ingeniously extendable, presenting unique installation challenges. The turf lies in a concrete drawer with 4,000 platforms and is moved in and out on 16 rails by four hydraulic compressors.
We supplied 39,000 metres of piping for the turf heating system, expertly laid in just seven working days. With a field weight of 11,000 tons and spanning 9,600 square metres, the extension process takes approximately 6 to 8 hours, including the complete raising of the lower tier of the north stand.

In Leipzig's Red Bull Arena, over 38,000 metres of aquatherm's corrosion-resistant plastic pipes lie beneath the turf. Even under heavy snow cover, these pipes swiftly clear the heated pitch. The high pressure and heat stability, coupled with the rapid processing times, have also convinced the planning experts of the clients in Leipzig.

In addition, aquatherm has outfitted numerous training grounds, including those in Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen, with our innovative turf heating solutions.


Real Madrid and aquatherm: Building success together

Real Madrid boasts one of the highest numbers of players in the senior squads of European Championship national teams. Therefore, we're particularly excited about our recent collaboration: the renovation of Madrid's renowned Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, currently one of Spain's most significant construction projects.

aquatherm is proud to supply the drinking water pipelines that serve the entire stadium. With approximately one kilometre of pipes from our aquatherm green system already installed, our corrosion-resistant and recyclable polypropylene pipelines ensure longevity and sustainability. Featuring excellent chemical resistance, low tube roughness, and high impact strength, they are the ideal choice for this prestigious project. Additionally, they are odourless, tasteless, and free from heavy metals and toxic chemicals.  By employing plastic welding, we create fast and secure connections, reducing installation time in Madrid and contributing to the project's efficiency.


The English Premier League and aquatherm

Our aquatherm pipe systems are also installed in the Premier League and EFL Championship stadiums in the motherland of soccer: Manchester City FC's Ethiat Stadium, Liverpool FC's Anfield, Everton FC's home ground Goodison Park and Stoke City FC's Bet365 Stadium.


Touchdown in the NFL

Our expertise extends beyond football fields; ice stadiums, event halls, and other large-scale architectural projects also reap the benefits of our experience and the special advantages of our plastic pipes. 

We've also left our mark in the National Football League (NFL). Take the TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, USA, for instance, where aquatherm blue was selected for the turf heating system. The advantages: Higher operating temperature of the heating medium than conventional polypropylene or PEX pipes can achieve. The higher stability of aquatherm blue compared to other thermoplastic pipe systems ensures that the turf heating system functions smoothly and permanently even at high operating temperatures. Thanks to our heat-welded aquatherm products, approx. 4,000 mechanical connections were eliminated, streamlining the installation process. Moreover, our aquatherm pipe boasts remarkably low oxygen permeability, eliminating the need for an oxygen barrier layer and saving additional costs.


Team aquatherm

As you cheer on your favourite team in the stadium during the 2024 European Championship, think of aquatherm. Just like your beloved footballer on the field, our pipe systems play a crucial role. Our pipes are the unseen heroes ensuring everything behind the scenes runs smoothly – from turf heating to supplying sanitary areas. aquatherm is steadfast and dependable, like a midfield maestro directing the game.
So, make aquatherm part of your winning team for your next project.

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