What planners, architects and installers expect from surface heating systems __

What planners, architects and installers expect from surface heating systems
17. June 2024 5 min.

In the world of sustainable construction planning and execution, surface heating systems are at the centre of the discussion. Planners, architects and installers are looking for solutions that are not only energy-efficient and reliable, but also easy to install and universally applicable. The plastic registers offer a whole range of special features that are superior to other materials. Whether you are an installer, architect or planner - discover the benefits of aquatherm black for your project. You will be surprised how much untapped potential you can save in terms of effort, time and costs.


aquatherm black is a surface heating and cooling system in prefabricated register design. The relocatable registers fit perfectly into the architecture of a building: whether in the ceiling, on the wall or in the floor. Due to its low weight and low installation height, the system is equally suitable for renovations and new buildings. aquatherm black is made exclusively from fusiolen® PP-R. The physical properties of this plastic are adapted to the specific needs of the heating and cooling sector. Fusiolen® PP-R is characterised by high temperature and pressure resistance: continuous temperatures of 60° C can be operated without any problems.


One system - all installation solutions for sustainable surface heating

aquatherm black impresses with an extremely low installation height of only 24.5 mm, which includes all components – collector, mounting rail, and connections. This minimal thickness makes it easy to integrate the system into a wide range of structures and surfaces, greatly simplifying installation. The innovative rectangular manifolds/collectors are designed to allow a two-way arrangement, which optimally supports the connection according to the Tichelmann method – a proven approach for uniform flow distribution:

  • Integration into suspended ceilings
  • Embedding in wall and ceiling plaster
  • Integration into stud walls with plasterboard
  • Attachment to plasterboard or gypsum plasterboard drywall
  • Mounting on metal cassettes

The versatility of aquatherm black makes it possible to provide an optimised indoor climate in almost any environment without compromising the aesthetics or structure of the room.

Benefits and added value for architects and planners 

Architects and planners value two things above all: flexibility and adaptability. aquatherm black meets these requirements in every respect and offers a number of advantages that affect both interior design and planning security.

Flexibility in interior design 

The aquatherm black registers are designed to be easy to install and can be adapted to the specific requirements of each room. Even in architecturally demanding spaces, the system enables an efficient and uniform heating and cooling solution.

Planning support and system design 

The aquatherm consulting and service team offers architects and planners comprehensive support in all project phases. From the plausibility and completeness check, which ensures that all design and installation aspects are considered, to the system design based on verified performance data, to the provision of CAD and planning data for simplified planning, the consulting and service team is on hand to provide advice.


Discover aquatherm black in action

The practical examples show you how versatile the surface heating and cooling system can be used in a wide variety of environments. The references also illustrate how aquatherm black combines technical efficiency with aesthetic design. Click on the links and get inspired by the projects.


In the trade, you need good connections 

For installers working with aquatherm black, two advanced connection technologies are available, ensuring both efficiency and reliability in the installation of heating and cooling systems. On the one hand, there is the quick and easy plug-and-clamp connection, and on the other hand, there is the robust and durable welded connection. Both methods are designed to simplify the installation process while ensuring the long-term functionality and performance of the system.

The new plug-and-clamp connection from aquatherm black

For installers who value speed and reliability at work, aquatherm black offers an innovative solution with its new plug-and-clamp connection. This connection technology makes it possible to connect the energy coils quickly and securely with each other. The flexible, bendable connection pipe is fixed to the connections of the energy coils with spring band clamps, which makes installation a breeze.

It's as simple as that 

Insert the end of the flexible connection tube onto the connection piece on the energy coil, push it until it stops, then push the spring band clamp to the second stop of the connection piece to release the preload. This technique is not only functional, but also mechanically solvable, which means that adjustments and maintenance can be carried out without much effort with a standard hand pliers for spring band clamps.

Significant savings potential

The tool-free installation of aquatherm black does not require specialised personnel, which therefore enables quick and easy installation. By eliminating time-consuming preparatory work, the installation time can be significantly shortened. The result: reduced labour costs and lower overall installation costs.


The tried-and-tested welding process

The tried-and-tested heating element socket welding process is also possible with aquatherm black in order to create a permanent and inseparable connection between the heating and cooling coils. With this method, you fuse the plastic parts into a strong and material-cohesive unit.


Ceiling, wall, floor: look forward to the installation! 

aquatherm black can be mounted and installed in a wide range of applications, making it a flexible and efficient system for indoor air conditioning. Here we introduce you to the different types of installations that make aquatherm black an excellent choice for your different projects. Here are some examples:

Application fields aquatherm black

Ceiling system plastered
Ceiling system plastered
Ceiling system with wooden substructure
Ceiling system with wooden substructure
Wandsystem mit Metallunterkonstruktion
Wandsystem mit Metallunterkonstruktion
Metal coffered ceiling
Metal coffered ceiling

Ceiling and wall system plastered

Due to the minimally invasive intervention in the building fabric, ceiling and wall mounting is ideal for energy-efficient renovations in existing buildings, but also for quick and clean installation in new buildings. You can work the aquatherm black registers directly into the plaster layer under the raw ceiling or wall, attaching the custom-made registers and the connection piping to the ceiling. The plastering is carried out in compliance with the general plastering guidelines, whereby all commercially available plasters made of gypsum, lime, cement, and clay are suitable. The low installation height and the loss-free heat dissipation via the enclosing material generate healthy radiant heat.

Ceiling and wall system with wooden substructure

Here you mount the aquatherm black registers between the supporting surfaces of the substructure, which are then planked with construction boards such as plasterboard. You can use panels of different thermal conductivities. This type of installation is suitable for renovations and living space extensions, e.g. for roof truss extensions. It enables optimal use of radiant heat at a low flow temperature. Heat accumulation in the gable area is now a thing of the past.

Metal coffered ceiling

In commercial buildings, place the aquatherm black coils in the metal cassette, where the direct contact of the coils with the sheet metal or acoustic fleece ensures good power transmission. aquatherm black provides draught-free cooling in summer and pleasant warmth on cold days.

Ceiling sails

Use the modular design of the aquatherm black coils for heating and cooling in ceiling sails. These do not take up valuable wall space and therefore allow for a more flexible room design. With your installation of the registers in ceiling sails, you open up new horizons in modern interior design for builders.

Floor, screed or concrete core activation

For installation as underfloor heating, you will love the quick and efficient installation of the aquatherm black registers. These can be embedded directly in a screed or concrete layer in the floor. This technique uses the heat transfer of the screed or concrete to heat the room and is advantageous for new buildings, where it subsequently ensures uniform and efficient space heating without a high floor structure.

Free convection - direct mounting / suspended 

For free convection, place the aquatherm black coils on a permeable substructure that allows unhindered air circulation. The custom-made registers are placed on this substructure and, if necessary, fixed, making the system not only powerful but also easy for your installation.



aquatherm black is the heating and cooling system that meets the needs of planners, architects, and installers alike. With its flexibility in interior design and the support of the experienced design team, aquatherm black enables precise and cost-efficient implementation of projects.

The various mounting options – ceilings, walls and floors – offer the right solution for every construction situation. In addition, the new plug-and-clamp connections significantly simplify the installation process. aquatherm black is therefore not just a heating and cooling system, but an innovative technology that combines efficient planning and installation.

Every installation method with aquatherm black is designed to achieve maximum efficiency for you as a planner and contractor. aquatherm black not only simplifies day-to-day installation, but also helps to shorten construction times and reduce overall costs. The system is flexibly adaptable to be used in virtually any building and at any stage of the construction project.

In short: With aquatherm black, you not only install a heating and cooling system, but above all comfort, sustainability and design freedom for your customers.

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